Canoeing an autumn day


24 thoughts on “Canoeing an autumn day

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  2. Hi Jenn
    Thank you for asking and linking as well, and yes, it`s a pleasure and an honour for me that you want to use my photo, and that it brings back good memories to you is so nice to hear!
    Best, Vibeke

  3. I was about to leave a comment here, when I realized that I’d like to be able to see my comment more often, so I used WordPress “Press This” to draft your photo w/my thoughts for a post on the 12th. Your photo reminded me of my one-time canoeing. Plus, it reminds me of living on Whidbey Island/Puget Sound (WA USA). That’s what I’ve drafted for posting – my thoughts w/your photo (links included). Is this okay w/you?

    Thanks for reminding me of canoeing and giving me another glimpse of Norway!

  4. Yes this, I`m glad to say, is Norway at it`s very best 🙂 You`re welcome to visit any time, let me know in advance and I`ll show you the “secret” canoe place as well ;)…
    Best, Vibeke

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