Come dance with me, he said…

A little visitor swinging himself elegantly on top of a chair in my garden…


18 thoughts on “Come dance with me, he said…

  1. I loved the pic and the caption. Your writings says that you are not only a photographer, but have a poet also within you. 🙂

  2. Thank you for liking my blog. I’m charmed by yours–especially by your cats–and am imagining sitting at a little table and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with all of you.

  3. How kind of you to say so, and thank you for following my blog :)! I really enjoy yours as well, you most certainly have some green gardening fingers going there!! Have a good week 🙂
    Best, Vibeke

  4. Hei Dina :), thank you so much, en artig krabat ja!
    Her er det bare 15 grC idag, men igår hadde vi 22…, så både små og store koste seg ute. 40 gr høres hett ut! Jeg tar fatt på en uke på Universitetet idag, så nå er ferien over og høsten velkommen ;).
    Ha en god uke du og:)

  5. Well, a charming visitor in deed!
    Er det sä varmt hos deg ogsä? I Rhinerdalen holder vi oss rundt 40°, for tredje dagen pä rad, puuuuh.
    Ha ein fin uke!

    Hilsen Dina

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