Will an apple a day keep the doctor away?


18 thoughts on “Will an apple a day keep the doctor away?

  1. Glad you found the rest of the comment and the missing button as well, that`s not bad in one day after all… 😉 And, my pleasure completely, brilliant bloggers need to hear the WOW! they create in their Readers homes sometimes :)!

  2. And, when I was replying on my comment drop-down, I didn’t see all of your comment – couldn’t see the button to post my first reply either. Surprised it showed up! Anyway, thank you for your compliment & presence on my blog. Appreciate it a ton!

  3. Hi Victor
    Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate that. I love the variety in your photoblog, and wish the best of luck to the important work of both you and your studying wife 🙂
    Best, Vibeke

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. The circumstances of my visit to Norway was at the invitation of a colleague. It was memorable. My wife, too, is a nurse and is studying again. She’s going for an advanced degree as a nurse practitioner. Meanwhile, I operate, literally and figuratively out of the Middle East now. All the best to you.

  5. Hi Jenn
    Thank you so much for kind and inspiring words. I am undoubtly an absolute amateur in this field.., but I love it :), and it`s just such fun to get as positive feedback as this. The profile picture is my persian cat Billy, gotta love him!
    You have a great blog yourself, and the cat peeping through the chair was absolutely great and hilarious 🙂
    Best, Vibeke

  6. Awesome photo. I’ve scrolled down a bit and you’ve got some really amazing photos. Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. Love your profile cat photo!

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