Fussy sky


Fussy sky

7 thoughts on “Fussy sky

  1. Enjoyed hearing back from you. Looking for spring and more photos then! Good luck on your studies and exams. We’re looking forward to spring but I’m hoping we don’t just jump straight into summer. That happens in Central Texas. 😦 It’s foggy and cool today. Almost cold. It was sunny and beautiful yesterday! Til next time, Hugs, Jenn

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Jenn, and for the taking time to see visit my blog again :)!
    Yes, I’ve made some changes here, but I guess it`s much the same in still :). The weather conditions in Norway has been like eternal rain for months now, so photography suffers and my exam studies have taken over instead :). Yet, soon spring will come I hope, and time to discover things through the camera lense as well.
    Take care Jenn!
    Best, Vibeke

  3. You’ve changed things up a bit — got to see you in your “about” photo and read a new bit about you. Blog looks great – and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. You’ve got some awesome photos here. Beautiful! Great captures that make one think. I see I scrolled through to the last time I visited so I guess I’m “caught up”? Was good to see you were by on my blog to not long ago. Take care! Jenn

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