1. I had been by some time back – but no new posts. Good to see you posting. Some beautiful photos and verse. Love the extras to the photos (or is there really a black leaf on that white flower and red one on your header photo?) Awesome … Hope you’re doing well. Take care. Jenn

    1. Hi Jenn 🙂
      Have been through a busy time, so truth said, there`s been no new posts for a long time!
      There are no “extras” added to any of my photos, just a bit of colour and light adjustments, so what you see in my blog is pretty much like what I saw when the click went off. Thanks for the credit and likes 🙂
      Best, Vibeke

  2. I love your new set of photos, dear Vibeke. I particularly love the colours and composition of this one – absolutely stunning. Bless you.

    1. Oh,- thank you so much Lizzie 🙂 What you see here, is the sun peeping through the snowy hedge in my garden – I`m quite desperate for some spring signs now…!
      Have a wonderful, new week 🙂

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