Sorry Folks…

…there`ll be no more blogging today…!


23 thoughts on “Sorry Folks…

  1. Yes that sounds about right, hopefully Billy managed to emerge unscathed. 🙂
    We have an all white cat Ripley who is about 16 pounds so it’s tough to miss her, but our tux cat Jack (who is 21 years old) is a skinny little guy.

  2. Hi Phil
    Thank you for your kind words with a bit of “catty” wisdom as well! I haven`t heard that saying before actually, in spite of having lived with cats all my life, but I do agree, we tend to move them around all the time. (Yesterday a friend of mine actually sat on my cat Billy :), he had hurried behind her in the sofa as she got up from her warmed up spot for a few seconds, it was rather hilarious!)
    Best, Vibeke

  3. Well you know the old saying…”if you want the most comforatable seat in the house, you have to move the cat.” Guess the same goes for using the computer. You will get it back when kitty is done with it.
    Very nicely done Vibeke!

  4. Cats are adorable, they are so independent and mysterious. But sometimes I wonder if they aren’t just plain uninterested and try to fool us by putting on a ‘mysterious’ expression. I’m sure they can sleep with their eyes open.
    I’ve had cats for over thirty years now 🙂

  5. Hehe, you`ve got the point here :)! This one you do not fool with…, he just gets sooooo easily insulted that sometomes it`s hard to stay serious 🙂 (he even knows if you`re laughing at him…, runs out of the room and doesn`t return in a long time however sweetly you call for him 🙂

  6. I love it!! You’ve caught the moment brilliantly. One of my cats, Mystic, does the same, especially when I’ve got lots of work to do. She insists on getting my attention!! Have a great day, anyway!!

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