Live surrounded by Colours


6 thoughts on “Live surrounded by Colours

  1. Yeah, West Scotland is like a mini Norway really:fjords, mountains etc but with white painted stone houses instead of wooden ones (and the beer is a lot cheaper!).

  2. Hi Carolyn, always so nice to get your comments, truly appreciated!
    This photo was taken in Bergen, Norway – a city with many colourful buildings like this, particularly the public ones. And thank you so much for sharing your experiences from Poland as well, I`ve had a few visits there myself!

  3. I visited Poland last year; 2011…. We visited a lovely township where the buildings were similar to the one you have pictured. They comprised of one wing perhaps pink, then another yellow; another green, and so on. It brought a lovely ‘lightness’ to the, otherwise, somewhat drab surrounds…! 🙂 We also found the people ‘light’ and ‘colourful’…~! 🙂

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