1. This is a spectacular picture, of a magnificent animal. Is he wholly engrossed in determining the meaning of life from the flower? Or is he stalking a bug? Either is possible, and you caught the perfect shot.

    1. Hi πŸ™‚
      Life without cats…, hard to imagine, I`ve shared my housing and life with cats since I was 25 years old (quite a while ago yes…). They are independent and beautiful little creatures, I can sympathize with you missing having felines around!
      Thank you so much though, for the kind words aboout this special photo – he sat and looked at me and we stood for a long time like that “talking” :), when he suddenly paused and smelled the flowers – I was so glad to have my camera around :)!
      Best, Vibeke

  2. I love black cats πŸ™‚ And I like the title. We’re often passing by beautiful places in our every day life, looking for those amazing things somewhere else. And sometimes it is enough to just stop, smell the flower, look at the tree or find some funny cloud.

    1. Hi Ewa
      Thank you so much, I most certainly feel humble when I receive kind comments like yours. And yes, that is so true, we certainly need to just do the easy and still so difficult thing.., to stop and stay in the moment..!
      Best wishes,

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