Green life


6 thoughts on “Green life

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, sounds like you had a terrific trip to the Netherlands :)! Have been to Amsterdam once myself, an absolutely fascinating city! You`re welcome to Norway with your artist friends of cours, not a great bike country with all its up and down hills though… Better to rent MC bikes here:). Have a fab weekend u 2:)

  2. The forest sounds fantastic. I love Northern Europe. I had the pleasure of going to the Netherlands in 1990. (would love to go further north, Iceland, Norway Denmark) Myself and 20 other artists exhibited our work in Holland. One day we took the train to Arnhem (a famous World War 2 location I do believe). We rented bikes and rode through Holland’s National Park to the Kroller Museum to see the Van Gogh exhibit there. Just writing to convey the parallels to what you wrote. Have a great weekend.

  3. Thank you:)! This is from a forest near my home here in Norway, Bergen, called “the Canada forest”. You can swim in fresh water there, and the forest is an important part of the cultural history of my city. You`ll find old stone fences there, and a number of buildings that were built and used during World war 2, including a prison camp that was used by the Germans. So, quite a bit of history surrounded by beautiful nature like this little glimpse shows:).

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